Time Table

Timetable 2022
Please Note: Subject to change.

4.30pm Grade 6 Tap Exam 4.15pm Mini Jazz A / Junior Jazz Exam
5.15pm Intermediate Jazz 5.45pm Mini Tap / Grade 1 Exam
6.15pm Modern Jazz 7 Exam 5.30pm Mini Jazz B / Modern Jazz 1 Exam
6.45pm 6.15pm Senior Tap
7.00pm Senior Jazz
8.15pm Senior Contemporary
4.30pm Grade 6 Ballet Exam 4.30pm Beginner Tap (any age)
5.45pm Grade 5 Ballet Exam & Intro to Ballet 5.15pm Grade 4 Tap Exam
6.45pm 5.45pm Grade 5 Tap Exam
7.00pm Teachers Certificate Training 6.30pm
4.30pm Intermediate Contemporary / JW L1 & L2 Exam 4.15pm Mini Acrobatics
5.30pm Grade 8 Tap Exam 5.00pm Junior Acrobatics
6.15pm Intermediate Ballet Exam 5.45pm Intermediate Acrobatics
7.30pm 6.45pm
4.30pm Junior Jazz / Modern Jazz 3 Exam Exam Preparation with Ms Rachel
5.30pm Flex & Technique
6.15pm Junior Contemporary / JW Foundation Exam
4.30pm Mini Hip Hop 4.15pm Junior Music Theatre / TPA Exam
5.00pm Junior Hip Hop 5.00pm Mini Music Theatre / TPA Exam
5.30pm Teen Hip Hop 5.45pm Intermediate Music Theatre / TPA Exam
6.30pm Intermediate Hip Hop 6.3opm Teen Music Theatre / TPA Exam
7.30pm Senior Acrobatics 7.15pm
8.15pm Grade 9 Tap Exam
9.45am Tinies A Dance (3 – 4 yrs) 9.15am Mini Ballet A / Primary Ballet Exam
10.15am Tinies B Dance (4 – 6 yrs) 10.00am Mini Ballet B / Grade 1 Exam
11.00am Grade 2 Tap Exam 10.45am Teen Ballet / Grade 6 Ballet Exam
11.45am Grade 3 Ballet Exam / Intro to Ballet 12.00pm Teen Jazz
12.30pm Senior Ballet 1.00pm Modern Jazz 5 Exam
1.45pm Flex & Technique 1.30 Eisteddfod Coaching
2.45pm Eisteddfod Coaching