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After many years of attending another dance school, I had one daughter ready to give up dance and another convinced she wasn't good enough. I decided it was time to find a school where my daughters would be trained professionally, in a supportive environment and feel valued. I knew the minute I met Rachel that this was the school for them. Just over a year down the track, my youngest daughter is loving dance and my eldest is thriving and achieving. Both feel valued and very much a part of the RSDS family. So many opportunities and so much support. Recent quote from my my 8 year old, “If we hadn't have left (previous school) when we did I would have already given up dance but now I love it”. Thank you Rachel and the families at RSDS.

Danielle (parent)

I really appreciate the interview at the start of the year. Rachel Symons talks to each student to find out what they personally want to get out of their dance program. She keeps you up to date with fantastic opportunities at her dance school and further afield. At Rachel Symons Dance Studio students are continually encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves.

Julie-Ann (parent)

My daughter has been dancing with the RSDS team for the past three years. During this time her love of dancing has grown and her self confidence has increased enormously. The things that that I most want to share about RSDS are: 1) The students are committed, passionate and truly love to learn and this is demonstrated in the quality of their dance. 2) All children, regardless of their talents are made to feel special and have their chance to shine. 3) The environment is FUN, family focused and very inclusive – it is very much a “we can do anything” atmosphere.

Tracey (parent)

I was so scared when I changed dance school but from the first lesson at RSDS I was made to feel welcome and part of a family. All the students and teachers were friendly, encouraging and non judgemental. I have made some amazing friends in the past three years and I think that I am a much better dancer. I have been dancing since I was three and always loved it but since I have been at RSDS I really feel like I can do anything and my dance can take me anywhere I want it to.

Ashlee (current student)

I love dancing at Rachel Symons Dance Studio because Ms Rachel supports everyone on the styles of dance they do and to help them improve on that certain dance style. Everyone at RSDS is friendly and supportive of each other. It is an excellent environment to dance in and a wonderful studio to be a part of.

Mitch (student aged 12yrs)